7 ways beauty products can change the world

Beauty products are not just about looking beautiful anymore...in fact beauty products that are simply aimed at helping you look more beautiful are on the way out and something much more exciting is taking their place!

How about if you could take care of your skin, improve its look and feel AND, in addition, do something positive – for your world, your customers' world or the wider world? Well, you can!

You could have beautiful skin AND...
  • Support women in Ghana to make a decent living to support their family (by using Fairtrade ingredients)
  • Help the bee population thrive (by choosing Organic ingredients)
  • Feel better, more relaxed or uplifted (by including therapeutic essential oils)
  • Live a clean or raw lifestyle (use raw, cold pressed ingredients)
  • Support renewable energy (through your manufacturing)
  • Put money back into your local economy (through supporting a local artisan brands)
  • And even help disenfranchised people back on their feet by supporting businesses that hire them (outsource to an ethical manufacturer)

Each of us holds different things near and dear to our hearts, the exciting thing is we can do something about them through the skincare products we purchase. The latest industry trends show that many consumers are demanding more from their skincare.  From water saving products and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, people want more from their beauty products than just beauty...

At B True Beauty our focus is to offer high quality, hand crafted, luxurious products that are as close to nature as possible in an effort to reduce the toxins both in beauty care products and the environment. We are working towards change in world through the beauty industry. 


B True Beauty products are all formulated with renewable resources and sustainably sourced Certified Organic ingredients that help maintain harmony in nature. We are dedicated to the preservation of our environment and support the development of sustainable ecosystems through managed harvesting of botanical oils and extracts. 

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