“Many of us are programmed to believe we need to keep our fingers and hands away from our face to maintain clear skin. We take our makeup off with cleansing cloths and wash our faces with rotating scrub brushes.

But there’s a serious lack of connection in this way of self care: our hands are the most powerful and effective tool we have when it comes to skin care. Which is why I’m such a proponent of facial massage, gentle movements that delicately harmonize together, never losing contact, effortless and fluid.

Through facial massage, tension around the jaw is released and tightness in the scalp loosens. Circulation increases, firming the facial tissue by stimulating muscles, aiding in lymph flow and allowing for deeper penetration of topical creams and serums. This also doesn’t hurt when it comes to attaining a natural glow!

Consider also that your face has hundreds of pressure points, with each one corresponding to a specific part of the body. By gently massaging your face, your gain the ability to treat ailments as far away as your toes while bringing your body into balance.

While conventional massages may be a luxury, the good news about facial massage is that they’re totally DIY-able (all you need is a good organic oil or oil-based serum). Here’s my favorite technique. Give it a try!”


To read the rest of the article written by MindBodyGreen, and for the Facial Massage Step By Step directions, Click Here.

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