"I love my Cleanse Away the Day!! It has such a gentle, comforting aroma and leaves my skin so soft and supple. I look forward to experiencing it at the end of each day...the aroma relaxes and grounds me, while the spa-like experience of massaging the oil into my skin and following it with a warm cloth leaves me feeling pampered and nourished. Before using this product, I was accustomed to astringent-smelling cleansers that aggressively pulled the moisture out of my skin and left it feeling tight and dry. Cleanse Away the Day has been a welcome alternative – one that not only gently cleanses my skin, but also helps me mentally and emotionally de-stress before going to sleep." 

Angela R. Fort Collins, CO


"B True Beauty's Nourishing Eye Makeup Remover is my secret weapon in getting my skin prepped for bedtime. I have tried several eye makeup removers, and it is by far my favorite. It is a powerhouse makeup remover. Just a few pumps onto a cotton pad removes every last trace of mascara, shadow, liner, and ahem…whatever I’m using to fill in my brows. I’ve even used the eye makeup remover on other parts of my face when I’m wearing heavier makeup and it works wonders. The best part is that it’s super gentle on my mega sensitive skin, which was my biggest complaint about previously purchased makeup removers. It’s organic and 100% natural, so it’s made with the best stuff for your skin. So, make sure to add it to your routine, so you can stay younger looking for longer."

Stephanie B. Bedford, IN


"I love this All Natural Eyelash Enhancer product. It actually works.....I have been using for two weeks and already my eyelashes are longer and fuller. My bottom lashes are growing back!"

Lynn A. Boulder, CO